Madhu Flowers also famous as Madhushree India offers dry flowers, dried flowers, potpourri, exotics flower from India. Our all products are made of naturally dried exotics, leaves, grasses, foliage, pods, topiaries, plants and wide range of handcraft products from traditional Indian raw materials, like sola, jute, cane, lata, palm etc. Please contact us 00 91 33 465 5811, 00 91 33 465 5812.

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Palm Posi
Palm posi
Palm Spider Web
Palm spider web
Sola Berries
Sola berries
Sola Pineapple
Sola pineapple
Sola Tron Apple Ball
Sola tron apple ball
Lata Star
Lata star
Lata Heart
Lata heart
Palm Garland
Palm garland
Rope Ball
Rope ball
Sola Crepe Ball
Sola crepe ball
Palm Curly Ting Ting
Palm curly ting ting
Khejur Artichoke on Stem
Khejur artichoke
on stem
Lata Wreath Set
Lata wreath set
Palm Chain Coloured
Palm chain coloured
Palm Sun Set
Palm sun set
Sola Canella
Sola canella
Viji Spring
Viji spring
Tail Coil / Cone / Spring
Tail coil/cone/spring
Hawa Hawa Ball
Hawa hawa ball
Sola Flower Ball
Sola flower ball
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